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Our Cell Phone Investigation consist of remotely accessing the mobile phone with just the mobile number during the process we retrieve all data on the device including but not limited to: | Call Logs ( Going back 6 months ) | Text Messages ( Going back 6 months ) | Facebook user name and password | WhatsApp All Messages | Twiiter All Messages |Instagram All Messages |GPS Location History |Bank Accounts | Email Accounts
And Much More
We Establish Cohabitation! Since 1996. Cohabitation Investigation: The Cohabitation Investigations Firm can provide you with proof of cohabitation when needed. Our method of approach can identify periods of time that people are living together, the complexity of the relationship, and other unknown facts which all combined are court admissible to assist the court in making its equitable distribution awards. Do they share assets such as cars, or property? Our Cohabitation Private Investigation Team can and will find you the Truth.
Cheating Spouse Investigator: Don’t be blinded by emotions and let us confirm the truth for you today!!!! We have Cheating Spouse Investigators that specialize in Infidelity Investigation case's. Through discreet video surveillance and undercover operations, Our Cheating Spouse Investigator may assist you in determining if your significant other is having an affair. We will document all their activities; places visited, and also identify who they meet with. In addition, we will obtain video and / or photography documentation of all activities and of all suspects. We will also give you an investigation report with video documentation on the surveillance results obtained. Furthermore, we can testify our findings in any court proceeding if it is needed
Founded in 1996, Private Investigator Atlanta: is the premier source for Experienced, Talented, Licensed Atlanta Private Investigators in the State of Georgia. Atlanta Investigations can handle any of your investigative needs, Including but not limited to: Private Investigator Atlanta, & Private Detectives Atlanta are trained to conduct comprehensive Atlanta Investigations and Atlanta Surveillance in the following areas
  • Private Investigator
  • Whatsapp Investigation
  • Divorce Investigation
  • Cell Phone Records
  • Family Matters
  • Child Custody Investigation
  • Cohabitation Investigation
  • Text Msg Recovery
  • Bank and Financial Records
  • Infidelity Investigation
  • Background Investigation
  • Adultery Investigation
  • Private Investigator Atlanta
  • Surveillance Investigator
  • Asset & Title Record Searches
  • Witness Location & Interviews
  • Skip Tracing Investigation
  • And Much More!

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Since 1996 With Over 50 Yrs of Combined Experience in the Field of Surveillance, We are Former Federal and Military Agents Serving The Entire State of Georgia and Beyond!!! Client satisfaction is as important to us as your case is to you. We handle all matters with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. When you need your investigation services conducted by an experienced Atlanta Private Investigator, whether in U.S, Nationwide or Around the World, contact us for more information and a Discreet consultation WITH ATLANTA PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR


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When you call Atlanta PI – Atlanta Investigations (470) 239-2221, you will speak right away to a private investigator in Atlanta. Other companies that advertise being an Atlanta Private Investigator are not here locally. Be careful who you deal with, as there are private detective agencies claiming to work locally as an Atlanta Private Investigator, but are out of town and will subcontract your case to the lowest bidder. You may be paying industry standard prices for an Atlanta Private Detective, but the investigator working the case may be making a low rate per hour because they have no experience. Choose a private investigator in Atlanta that is local, licensed, and is compensated adequately for your case.